TranXending Vision

Chapter 979 - Wedding Invitation

Tang Yuyan arrived at the Thunder Horse’s Jingdu headquarters first thing in the morning. Tolling behind her was a huge group of Bureau 101’s special agents. The promise was to give Xia Lei two days and today was the very end of the agreed time limit.

“Barricade the area, no one is allowed to leave this premise. Go and take over the surveillance system. No one is exempted from the investigation. You must not miss anyone.” Tang Yuyan laid down her instructions.

With that, her subordinates quickly set to work. A few agents had already controlled the situation at the entrance in a blink of an eye. The security guards opted to stay out of their way.

As Tang Yuyan’s agents took over the entrance, a security guard with a particularly special background picked up the phone.

The guard was none other than E’er Demutu of the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team.

“What are you doing? Put the phone down!” One of the agents yelled in response.

That earned a scowl from E’er Demutu. “And what are you all trying to do? If you wish to take over this area, I need to inform our Director Xia about it.”

“Put it down!” The agent threatened, “Or I won’t go easy on you!”

And so E’er Demutu placed the device down and stood to leave for the door.

“Hey, stay here and don’t wander around.” The agent remained aggressive.

Despite that, E’er Demutu ignored his blatant threat and continued to head towards the door.

That prompted the agent to grab E’er Demutu’s shoulder. With a slight shake of his shoulder, E’er Demutu casually evaded the agent’s grip.

Other than Tang Yuyan, no one here was worthy to be his opponent.

But as that agent attempted to grasp his shoulder again, E’er Demutu gave up on fighting back. He allowed the agent to hold him by the shoulder without a word. Though anger was starting to bud in his heart, E’er Demutu was clear that he must refrain from doing anything. If he had done so, his repercussions could be considered insignificant. But Xia Lei, on the other hand, would get the short end of the stick.

“You’re pretty bold. Just stay still and do nothing already!” The agent utilized the contact to push at E’er Demutu harshly, making the man stagger. The man almost fell to the ground due to the sudden aggression.

But once again, E’er Demutu remained docile. He returned to his chair and watched Tang Yuyan laying out each of her orders to her subordinates through the glass window without an expression on his face.

Making sure everyone had a task to accomplish, Tang Yuyan finally began to head towards the office block.

At this moment, a Hongqi car drove into the main gate. Recognizing the vehicle, Tang Yuyan’s brows couldn’t help but be gathered at the centre of her forehead. The car plate it had was no different from that used by civilians but Tang Yuyan knew the woman inside it was no regular person.

Before long, Tang Yuyan could tell who was the driver of the Hongqi car. However, her subordinates could not tell who the driver was. One of the agents approached the Hongqi car. “Reverse! No one is allowed to leave this place!”

Rolling the windows down, Fan Fan peeked out of the vehicle. “Move aside!”

The unexpected edge to the woman’s tone took the agent aback.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” Fan Fan looked especially fierce.

“Who are you? What right do you have to be so loud?” The agent went closer to the car with a dark expression.

Fan Fan turned to look at Tang Yuyan, who stood beside the path. Fan Fan screamed at her, “Tang Yuyan, what the hell are you doing here?”

“I’m here to do what I need to do.” After that, Tang Yuyan gestured. “You may let this person leave.”

The agent blocking the car’s path moved away.

Surprisingly, Fan Fan made no move to leave. Instead, she exited the car and went straight to Tang Yuyan. “I don’t care what you’re here for. I’m giving you one minute to instruct a full retreat away from the Thunder Horse Organization. One minute on the dot, I will not tolerate an extra second!”

Tang Yuyan was so mad that she resorted to cackling instead. “You robbed me of love and now you’re telling me how to do my job? Who the hell do you think you are? Are you the queen?”

A cold smirk appeared on the edge of Fan Fan’s lip as well. “I robbed you of love? Was Xia Lei your husband or your boyfriend? If I remember correctly, he was neither. How could you say that I robbed him away from you? Even Shentu Tianyin reserves no right to use those words on me, let alone you!”

“Enough, I don’t wish to argue. You’re free to go about your daily activities. Do not interfere with my duty.” When faced with Fan Fan, Tang Yuyan still had reservations.

“You’re disrupting Thunder Horse’s stability.” Fan Fan snapped, “I said I’m giving you one minute to stop your operation. Exceeding one more second of the promised time frame will lead to me phoning the authorities. You best not forget that I’m Xia Lei’s fiance and our wedding is just around the corner!”

It was a statement that dealt double damage and it was something Tang Yuyan refused to shoulder.

“You know what I’m here for!” Tang Yuyan was beginning to lose her composure.

“Yeah, I know that you’re here for the spy. But I must tell you that the issue had already been handled by my husband. You can go see him but you must go alone. Alright, one minute is up.” Fan Fan checked her wristwatch and brought out her phone.

Tang Yuyan chewed on her bottom lip before making the decision to speak into her walkie-talkie. “Everyone, leave the premise and await my command in the car.”

“See, it’s not that hard. Farewell, I gotta leave now.” Fan Fan turned around and climbed into her car.

Watching Fan Fan’s car leave through the gate fuelled Tang Yuyan with the violent desire to fire a missile at the back of the vehicle.

The Bureau 101 agents retreated and Tang Yuyan appeared at Xia Lei’s office door later on.

“Siyao, your belly seems a tad bit larger than before.” She could hear Long Bing’s voice.

“Really? No wonder I felt like I was gaining weight,” replied Liang Siyao.

“It’s a pity that my stomach has no obvious change yet.”

Liang Siyao comforted, “You just got pregnant. There’s no need to rush. It’s bound to swell bigger by the day. When that time comes, your knees will be screaming for help with every step you take.”

“It’s fine, I’ll be here to give your legs a good massage,” offered Xia Lei kindly.

“Fuck you, your massages always lead to no good.” Long Bing jeered in return.

“Yeah, you promised us a massage last night and yet you fucked us all. We will not fall prey to your tricks next time.” Liang Siyao drawled, with an edge of a coquettish tease. The hint of seduction was strong. It was alluring but also playful at the same time.

Tang Yuyan could not take it further. She reached out and rapped on the door twice, exerting more force than needed.

“Who knocks a door this loud?” Liang Siyao’s voice rang.

“I’ll go answer it,” said Xia Lei as he left for the door.

Hearing the approaching footsteps, Tang Yuyan’s pulse began to pick up with anxiety. It felt almost as if she was reliving her past and the recognition of such thought pricked her heart painfully.

The door opened to reveal Xia Lei.

Tang Yuyan could only take in the sight, unable to utter all the dialogue she had planned earlier.

“Oh, it’s Yuyan. Come on in,” invited Xia Lei.

To which she took as a cue to enter.

“Yuyan.” Long Bing greeted her curtly.

“Ah Bing,” responded Tang Yuyan, her eyes never once meeting the other woman’s eyes.

Liang Siyao did not extend a greeting. There were no signs of friendliness in her eyes. Liang Siyao and Long Bing were essentially bedmates, there was no way she wouldn’t have known the possibility of the Tang family behind Long Bing’s disaster in Japan. She may have had some good blood with Tang Yuyan back then but now, said goodwill was close to non-existent.

“Here, take a seat.” Xia Lei gestured to the chairs. “I’ll go make you some tea. What tea would you like to have?”

Tang Yuyan did not sit. She refused, “No need for that. I’m not here for tea and a catch-up session. Plus, I do not wish to interrupt your private time. Let’s just dive straight into the topic, you know what I’m here for.”

Xia Lei nodded. “Very well then, I’ll make this short. We’ve managed to capture the spy. Turns out, it was my secretary, Qing Caiyue. Unfortunately, she has already committed suicide to avoid charges. Her body is still in the security guard’s room. I can bring you over to check on it. Other than that, all her belongings are gathered and you’re free to bring it away.”

There was a moment of silence before Tang Yuyan spoke again. “So it was your secretary?”

Xia Lei confirmed, “Yes, it was her.”

Tang Yuyan was not convinced. “I’ve met your secretary a few times and I’m clear about what she is capable of. How could she possibly be the spy? You must have missed someone.”

“I missed no one. The spy really was her,” insisted Xia Lei.

“I want to investigate further,” said Tang Yuyan.

“Tang Yuyan, that’s not up to you to decide. This is the Thunder Horse Organization and I would like to remind you that this isn’t a regular company. This establishment concerns the strategic interest of this country.” Liang Siyao continued, “If you wish to challenge politics and capitalism, I advise that you target elsewhere instead.”

“What the hell are you saying?!” Tang Yuyan was immediately ticked off.

“I’m sure you heard that well. There’s definitely no need for me to repeat myself, right?” Liang Siyao was not backing off either.

“Siyao, quit it,” warned Xia Lei.

It was only then that Liang Siyao kept quiet.

Xia Lei persisted, “Yuyan, just bring Qing Caiyue’s body and belongings back to the bureau. You can’t just order a further investigation here like that.”

Tang Yuyan eyed the man suspiciously. “What are you hiding from me?”

Xia Lei chuckled. “If there really was a spy, I’d be more anxious than you. How could you accuse me of hiding something from you? Trust me, this whole thing has come to an end.”

Ring… Ring…

Tang Yuyan’s phone rang. She quickly answered it. “Hello? Yes, godfather? What? Uh… Alright, I’ll end the investigation.”

It was a call from Shi Boren. Learning that Tang Yuyan had received orders from her superior allowed Xia Lei’s heart to heave a relieved sigh. This was all thanks to Fan Fan, who had managed to convince the authorities to have him handle the situation himself. Xia Lei was now able to proceed with his plans without the involvement of Tang Yuyan and Bureau 101. For Shi Boren to phone Tang Yuyan personally was a great indication of how much the authorities had supported him. Xia Lei could go all out now!

Ending the call, Tang Yuyan turned to look at him. “I’ll bring away the body and belongings. This marks the end of the spy case. Despite that, I must warn you. Do not play with fire. The support you receive now must turn into an obstacle in the future.”

“Thanks.” Xia Lei went to his desk and produced a wedding invitation from one of his drawers. He then passed it into Tang Yuyan’s hand. “My wedding with Fan Fan will be on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year. I would like for you to attend…”

Tang Yuyan gazed at Xia Lei in solemn silence. “Have you not hurt me enough?”

Xia lei could only chuckle bitterly at that. “Yuyan, I’m inviting you to my wedding as a friend. You’re free to not attend it.”

Without warning, Tang Yuyan snatched the invitation away from Xia Lei’s grip. “I’ll be there! I’d like to see how your three bridesmaids would look at the wedding.”

The three bridesmaids in mention were obviously Liang Siyao, Long Bing and Jiang Ruyi.

Hearing that, Liang Siyao rolled her eyes at Tang Yuyan out of exasperation.

Long Bing had seemed unfazed by the chaos as if she had chosen to ignore all of Tang Yuyan’s thorn-laced words.

Tang Yuyan turned to leave.

And Xia Lei made no move to make her stay.

In life, some things were just meant to be given up on.

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