Trump Card Warm Marriage

Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192: Chapter 1191, unit two


“Who are you talking about? Fenghua? Zhan Bei’s wife? ” Old Man SI was in disbelief. He looked at Si Muyuan and asked, “are you sure that she bullied you and not you? ”

Old Man SI could not be blamed for being suspicious. He knew exactly what kind of person Si Muyuan was. She was the daughter of the SI family and had always been arrogant and domineering outside.

However, Sheng Fenghua was different. She was sensible and obedient. How could she bully Si Muyuan It was already good enough that she wasn’t bullied by Si Muyuan.

“Who else could it be other than her? ” Si Muyuan pouted and stepped forward to pull on old master SI’s sleeve. She complained, “Dad, you don’t know how arrogant she is. Not only did she break my arm, but she also forced me to eat poison. ”

After hearing Si Muyuan’s words, old master SI’s face darkened. He suddenly shouted, “Si Muyuan! ”

“Dad? ” Si Muyuan was shocked by Old Master Si’s sudden loud voice. She looked at him with a puzzled face and asked, “Dad, what happened to you? ”

“What do you think happened to me? You said your hand was broken, but look at it yourself. Is Your hand broken? ” Elder SI was furious. He pointed at Si Muyuan’s hand and asked coldly.

“Of course it’s broken, ” Si Muyuan replied without thinking. Her hand had indeed been broken by Sheng Fenghua before, but it was reattached.

“You’re still lying to me! ” Elder SI looked at Si Muyuan with a pained expression. He pointed at her hand and said, “your hand is fine, how could it be broken? Even if you don’t like Sheng Fenghua, you have to find a better reason for me to stand up for you. ”

“Dad, I’m not lying to you, really. ” Si Muyuan was anxious and started to explain herself loudly. She said, “previously, Sheng Fenghua really broke my hand and then reattached it. Even now, my hand is still hurting. ”

“really? ” Old Master SI obviously didn’t believe it. He felt that Si Muyuan was lying, which made Si Muyuan very angry. In the past, as long as she said anything, old master SI would believe anything. But now, old master Si didn’t even believe her words.

And all of this was because of Sheng Fenghua. So, her hatred towards Sheng Fenghua grew even more.

“Dad, don’t you believe me? ”SiiMuyuann looked at old masterSIi with a sad face She said, “I didn’t lie to you. She really broke my hand and brought it back. “Moreover, before she helped me take it, she even forced me to take poison. “She also told me that this poison would take effect every month and that I had to take the antidote. “But she didn’t give me the antidote. ”

Old Master Si looked at Si Muyuan suspiciously. Seeing that she didn’t look like she was lying, he started to believe her again. Hence, he took out his phone and gave Sheng Fenghua a call, intending to ask her what was going on.

Whether it was Si Muyuan or Sheng Fenghua, they were both members of the SI family. He had to be even-handed and not listen to reason, lest the conflict between them deepened in the future.

Sheng Fenghua had just returned home when she received a call from old master Si. She instantly understood that Si Muyuan had really gone back to complain.

However, she wasn’t worried. However, she was a little curious as to which side old master SI would stand on. Yes, old master Si was very good to her and had protected her once before. However, Si Muyuan was after all old master Si’s biological daughter and she was only his granddaughter-in-law. To put it bluntly, she was just an outsider.

She wanted to see what old master Si would do this time. Would he believe Si Muyuan or her.

Sheng Fenghua picked up the call and smiled as she called out “grandfather” . Then, she asked, “is there anything? ”

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