Trump Card Warm Marriage

Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276: Chapter 1275-chasing the fourth


However, she had not ridden far when a wave of heat and the sound of the tunnel collapsing came from the secret passage.

Hearing the sound again, Sheng Fenghua’s expression changed again. If she retreated, she could live, but if she went forward, she might die. However, she still went forward without hesitation because there was someone she loved in front of her.

The head-on heat wave was coming, and the sound of the tunnel collapsing was in her ears. Sheng Fenghua ignored it all. She only wanted to go forward and find Si Zhanbei.

The sound of the collapse became clearer and clearer, and the road became more and more difficult to walk on. Sheng Fenghua did not care about these things. She only wanted to find Si Zhanbei as soon as possible.

However, very soon, Sheng Fenghua was forced to stop by the collapse of the road in front of her. Her car could not go through.

Looking at the rocks and soil in front of her, Sheng Fenghua got off the motorcycle and passed through the small gap left by the collapse, moving forward.

Moreover, after hearing the sound of the explosion, Si Zhanbei’s expression changed. He immediately lifted the motorcycle and rushed forward.

Even though he reacted quickly, he was still shaken by the shockwave caused by the explosion. He was thrown out of the car and fell on the path in front of him.

The old man was being carried by his subordinates as he ran forward. When he heard the commotion behind him, he could not help but turn his head around. When he saw that Si Zhanbei was knocked unconscious on the ground, he became complacent and said to his subordinates, “put me down, quickly put me down. ”

“Master, we’ve already run for a mile. We’ll be out in another mile. ” His subordinates were puzzled and asked. If they ran for a little longer, they would be safe. They did not understand why their master wanted them to stop at this time.

“Put me down first. ” The old man did not explain further and spoke again. The subordinate was helpless and could only put the old man down.

The old man’s legs landed on the ground and he walked back towards Si Zhanbei who was lying on the ground.

“Master? ” The subordinate saw the old man walking back and was shocked. He said, “it’s dangerous ahead. ”

However, the old man seemed to have not heard his subordinate’s words and continued walking towards Si Zhanbei who was on the passageway ahead.

At this moment, Si Zhanbei, who had fainted, seemed to have entered a dream. That dream was the scene of his first mission a few years ago.

The danger factor of that mission was relatively high. He and his comrades were separated and were seriously injured. He thought that he was going to die, but he met a lady who was picking herbs.

At that time, he was in a daze and did not see the Lady’s appearance clearly. However, that lady was kind-hearted. After seeing Si Zhanbei’s injury, she helped him to treat his wound without saying a word.

However, because his injuries were too serious, when he was sure that he was not in danger, he fainted completely. However, before he fainted, he asked the girl’s name.

The girl told him that his name was Sheng Fenghua. Hence, Si Zhanbei remembered this name in his heart and secretly swore that he would definitely repay her.

Later, he woke up, but the girl was nowhere to be seen. Looking at the bandaged wounds on his body, Si Zhanbei did not know why, but there was something in his heart.

He gently caressed the bandaged wound, and a gentle light flashed in his eyes. Thinking of the words he had said to the girl before he fainted to repay her, he quickly made a decision in his heart.

When his injuries stabilized, his comrades found him and sent him to the military hospital. While recovering from his injuries, he often thought of his savior, so he called his men to investigate a girl named Sheng Fenghua.

Si Zhanbei felt that since the other party appeared on the mountain to pick herbs, it must be someone nearby.

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