Versatile Mage

Chapter 2263 - No Chance of Living

Chapter 2263: No Chance of Living

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan’s greatest worry was Blue Bat managing to escape. To his relief, Mu Bai and Zhao Manyan actually took her down!

“She was too focused on her project. Otherwise, we might have had trouble taking her down,” Mu Bai reported.

“She’s dead?” Mo Fan looked at the sack Mu Bai was dragging behind him.

The strange thing was Mu Bai bringing a body bag around. He was transporting Blue Bat’s corpse inside to preserve its condition.

It seemed like the rumors spreading among the Mages were true: Poison Mages and Undead Mages were more excited to see a well-preserved corpse than their long-distance girlfriend.

“She killed herself with poison. I also poisoned her, just in case she was trying to fake her death,” Mu Bai told him.

“That’s very cautious of you. By the way, where’s Old Zhao?” Mo Fan looked around.

Mu Bai pointed to the other body bag.

Mo Fan immediately lost his cool.

Could it be?…

Mo Fan did not believe it. He quickly went over and pulled the zipper down.

He thought Mu Bai was joking with him, but his scalp turned numb when he saw Zhao Manyan lying in the body bag with a pale face!

Did Old Zhao sacrifice himself for the greater good?

If he knew it would end like this, he would never have gone after Wu Ku!

He could still hunt the Head Priest down in the future, but if his brother died because of him…

Zhao Manyan suddenly opened his eyes before Mo Fan was overwhelmed by grief.

He was faking his death! Zhao Manyan must have faked his death so he did not have to sacrifice himself in the fight!

“Mu Bai, you should feed Old Zhao more poison and let him go peacefully too. I feel uncomfortable when he stares at me like that,” Mo Fan said blandly.

“He was injured and lost consciousness. I didn’t have anything else to carry him with, so I put him inside the body bag and dragged them both back,” Mu Bai explained.

“Oh…” Mo Fan finally realized the truth.

He decided to stop calling Mu Bai Green Tea Man from then on, in case Mu Bai used the same treatment on him!

Mu Bai looked like an honest and righteous man on the surface, but there was no limit to his dark side!

“F**king hell!” Zhao Manyan had regained consciousness, but he was struggling to speak properly. Mo Fan could barely tell what he was saying by reading his lips. He wondered if Zhao Manyan was reacting to the suggestion of feeding him poison, or the fact that Mu Bai had dragged him back in a body bag…

“Blue Bat destroyed most of the evidence. We only managed to grab a few samples of the Frenzy Liquid. The rest of them died rather than surrendering, so Old Zhao and I had no choice but to take them all out,” Mu Bai briefly explained what happened at the Tenth Mound.

Mo Fan also told Mu Bai and Zhao Manyan his findings. Mu Bai’s eyes glittered in surprise.

What pleasant news! They had finally settled a score with the Black Vatican!

“The Field Enforcers are sweeping up the remaining members of the Black Vatican. However, there’s someone we should continue to keep an eye on,” Mo Fan said.

“Who?” Mu Bai asked.

“Sancha’s bodyguard, Hansen. His name wasn’t on the list. Miyamoto Shin believes he’s an Executioner, since the Executioners are directly assigned to the Chief Extraditor.” Mo Fan looked at the motionless Zhao Manyan.

“Which means he might bring us to the Chief Extraditor!” Mu Bai clenched his fists.

“Exactly, so he’s very important to us… Old Zhao, we will continue to disguise ourselves as lecturers at the school. You can keep doing your filthy acts while keeping an eye on Hansen!” Mo Fan told him.

Zhao Manyan moved his lips, but it sounded like something was stuck in his mouth.

“But I’m worried that the Black Vatican already knows who we are. It’s meaningless for us to keep pretending to be teachers,” Mu Bai commented.

“It doesn’t matter. The sweep is going to take more than a few days. They might need our help to take out some of the troublesome guys on the list,” Mo Fan replied easily.

“I’ll bring Blue Bat’s corpse to my lab and see if I can learn anything useful,” Mu Bai nodded.

“You’re trying to find clues from a dead body?” Mo Fan’s eyes widened.

“The clues provided by a dead body are the most reliable. The air particles inside a person’s lungs will tell us where they have been to. I’m planning to dissect her,” Mu Bai declared flatly.

“…” Mo Fan was left speechless.

The old Mu Bai might be a little arrogant, but he was still a normal nasty-tempered man.

He was now sinking deeper into his darkness. It turned out that it was easier for a man to go to extreme measures after being single for too long…

The splashing waves sounded like beast roars when they struck the reefs at night.

The dim Aloe Vera Village was shrouded by a mist. A few street lamps were flickering, as if they had not been maintained properly. The woods were oddly dark due to the lack of lighting.

A few figures glided above the waves like seagulls and flew over the breakwater that was used to block the waves. The street lamps happened to dim at the same time, allowing them to sneak into the village. Everything was back to normal after the street lamps lit up again.

“I’ll check that area. You may proceed with the plan once you are ready,” Mo Fan told Iron Bee.

Iron Bee nodded, splitting the Field Enforcers into groups with gestures.

The Aloe Vera Village was where the Black Vatican was planting the Frenzy Poppies.

Some of the villagers were just normal farmers, and had no idea what they were planting. It would be inhumane if they killed everyone in the village.

However, they now had an accurate list of names. They just had to catch the people on the list.

Thirteen Field Enforcers were taking part in the operation. Mo Fan had tagged along in case there were powerful Mages among the members of the Black Vatican.


The village had a stone wall behind it. The natives were expanding the village along it.

Mo Fan was standing upon the wall, able to see the whole village from his angle.

Two Enforcers were in position at one end of the village. They had captured four Black Clergymen who had tried to escape after noticing the Field Enforcers.

Iron Bee was fighting a member of the Black Vatican at the center of the village. A thick wall had surrounded the area and blocked everyone’s vision.

Mo Fan heard movement below him.

“Damn it, there’s one over here, too!”

“He’s just a young man. We can kill him and run away!”

Two Black Clerics were climbing the wall with their Wind Element.

A spiraling thread of wind was dangling from the highest rock on the wall like a white rope, allowing the Black Clerics to jump their way up the rock like martial artists from a novel.

(Sigh), they could have chosen the entrance, the back, the beach, or the woods…

There were so many options available, yet these two Clerics had to choose the worst one by coming to the wall he was guarding.

They simply had no chance of living!

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