Versatile Mage

Chapter 2264 - Buy Two, Gift Three

Chapter 2264: Buy Two, Gift Three

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Inside a stable…

Two eyes were glaring viciously at an Enforcer in their path.

The Enforcer was lighting up their surroundings with a light orb capable of highlighting every living creature nearby. It was like a thermal scope!

The Enforcer was distracted by a few moving figures in a warehouse. He did not notice the three who were hiding in the stable.

“Sir, run to the walls. They only have a young Enforcer guarding it.. We can run away after taking him out!” a voice in the distance whispered.

He was a Sound Mage. Only Sound Mages were able to communicate with others after every transmission signal in the village was intercepted.


“Great work, we’ll be there soon,” the Blue Deacon agreed quickly.

Blue Deacon Marcus left the stinky manure pit behind the stable.

He had been panicking after he lost contact with his superior a few days ago. He had thought they were safe after a few days had passed peacefully, yet the Enforcers had still shown up in the end.

Marcus almost vomited when he walked across the manure pit, but he did not dare make any sound. He could only withhold his urge to puke and run for the walls.

Two Black Clergymen were following him. They had been in charge of the plantation of Frenzy Poppies in the village. They were also covered in an overwhelming stench!

“The Wind Cable Rope!”

“Quick, climb up the walls!”

Marcus was excited when he saw the Wind Cable Rope his men had used to escape.

They would enter a huge rainforest after climbing up the rocks. Even the Enforcers would struggle to hunt them all down in the woods.

“Sir, both Banlo City and Lei City are heavily guarded. Our only option is to cross the Andes Mountains!” a Black Cleric murmured.

“We’ll cross it then! The Andes Mountains won’t stop us,” Marcus declared.

He did not care if he had to fight the ferocious demon creatures in the mountains. He would rather live like a savage than fall into the hands of the Enforcement Union!

“You guys are really good at planning far ahead. You are already thinking about your escape routes before you even make it through me…” Mo Fan smiled as he greeted the members of the Black Vatican.

Mo Fan thought the two Black Clerics were the only ones trying to escape over the walls, yet they had notified their superior before clearing the path!

How interesting! It was a buy two, gift three promotion!

One of them was even a Blue Deacon!

If he remembered correctly, the Enforcers might even receive a promotion if they could arrest a Blue Deacon.

The Enforcers under Iron Bee’s lead were extremely motivated. Thirteen Enforcers were assigned to take down a village where a good half of the villagers worked for the Black Vatican. They were trying their best to find a Blue Deacon.

Little did they know, the Blue Deacon ended up coming to Mo Fan!

Mo Fan sighed. It was a pity that he was just a volunteer in the operation. He would not receive any bonuses from it.

“He saw us. Quick, take him out, don’t let him alert the rest of the Enforcement Union!” the Black Cleric with the Sound Element shouted.

Mo Fan almost burst into tears of laughter. He had already seen them running toward him for some time!

“Go!” the Blue Deacon ordered. They had to clear a path as soon as possible. They would be free once they went into the rainforest!

The four Black Clergymen surrounded Mo Fan and attacked him simultaneously. The Blue Deacon wiped the stinking mud off his face and joined in the fight too.

He was a little slower than the rest, not because he was the weakest among them, but he was waiting for his men to expose their enemy’s weakness so he could exploit it!

The four Black Clerics were all Advanced Mages.

It seemed like they were very close to Salan’s main base. Even the Black Clerics here were Advanced Mages!

It also meant Salan was getting more powerful. In the past, a Blue Deacon under her command was only an Advanced Mage at most. There were rarely any Super Mages in her faction.

But now, even the Black Clerics were Advanced Mages!

Mo Fan raised a lightning orb with both hands. He kicked the lightning orb at the Black Clergymen like a goalkeeper, after it absorbed a few lightning strikes from the clouds above him.


The lightning orb exploded between the four Black Clerics. Lightning arcs surged wildly at them, like steel cables that had suddenly snapped in half.

The four Black Clergies had just completed their Star Constellations, and were just about to fire their Advanced Spells when the sparks of lightning lashed at them and spun them in circles.

The Black Clerics slammed into the walls in succession. Their flesh was lacerated as they twitched wildly from the electric shocks.

Marcus froze in place and stared at his useless men.

They were supposed to expose the enemy’s weakness, not be wiped out within a second!

An Enforcer with the Earth Element ran up the wall vertically.

“Sir, I saw a few figures running toward you…” the Enforcer said as he landed beside Mo Fan.

The slow-reacting Enforcer turned around and saw four spasming bodies and a dumbstruck man covered in horse dung.

“I have taken out four of them. That Blue Deacon is the only one left,” Mo Fan said, pointing at Marcus.

“Si…sir?” Marcus repeated, taking a deep breath and immediately vomiting at his own stench.

How useless were his men? The Enforcers were already too strong for them to handle, let alone the commanding officer of the operation!

The Enforcer’s eyes glittered. “A…a Blue Deacon?” Oh my, it’s the cash cow everyone is looking for!

“Can you take him out?” Mo Fan asked seriously

The Enforcer was only in his twenties. He had only been a Field Enforcer for a short time, but he was very eager to make worthy contributions. Otherwise, he would not have been chosen to be a Field Enforcer, which was considered the most dangerous job in the Enforcement Union.

“I can!” the Enforcer declared confidently.

“I’ll leave him to you then. It’s not like I’m going to get a bonus.” Mo Fan was too lazy to fight the Blue Deacon. He was acting like a real boss.

The Enforcer’s eyes burned with passion.

Normally, a leader would take all the credit for their men’s work. They would even take a portion of their men’s reward!

However, the commanding officer of this operation was willing to let him take all the credit instead!

“Get on with it, but I want him alive,” Mo Fan reminded him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he’s still breathing in the end!” The Enforcer took a few steps forward. His Aura changed instantly.

He had an Earth Domain. The walls under his feet began to crack apart, like they were being sliced by an invisible blade.

“Stone Fissure!” The Enforcer used his strongest spell right away so as not to disappoint his superior!

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