Versatile Mage

Chapter 2265 - Gravity Bola

Chapter 2265: Gravity Bola

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The Enforcer was pretty impressive. Mo Fan stood aside and watched him fight.

The rest gradually fired their signals, indicating they were done clearing the areas they were responsible for.

Mo Fan took out the list of names for the Aloe Vera Village.

He remembered Lily had an aunt here, but to his surprise, her aunt was not a member of the Black Vatican. She was just a believer the Black Vatican had brainwashed.

Normally, people like her who had yet to join the Black Vatican officially and had not committed any crimes still had a chance at redemption.

The Black Vatican was just using the villagers to plant the Frenzy Poppies.. They were not capable enough to join the organization itself, and after all, the requirements to join Salan’s faction were even higher.

Mo Fan also knew some members of the Black Vatican would manage to escape the net even though they had an accurate list of names.

Certain people might not have joined the Black Vatican, but might have done a lot of misdeeds regardless. Mo Fan could only catch the people who were on the list.

Mo Fan could not make the decision on whether these farmers who had planted the Frenzy Poppies should be condemned for their actions.

It was like the difference between moral values and the law.

There was a clear boundary between there, but Mo Fan could only target those who had crossed the line. The rest of the village might be involved in planting the Frenzy Poppies, but they were not on the list. Mo Fan could only hand them over to the Aorus Sacred Institute.

The Field Enforcers were very efficient, as expected of the elite agents of the Enforcement Union. The village had around three hundred people, yet it only took the Field Enforcers the time to finish a pot of tea to detain them all. They did not even require the assistance of the others who were standing guard around the perimeter.

There were a lot of villages that had planted drugs in the tropical regions. Those villages were well-populated and had their own armed forces. The local police would not dare to provoke them, and the military would only handle threats to national security, not bothering to waste their time on these villages. Therefore, the villages that planted drugs were like malignant tumors, and a pain to deal with.

Even the special forces in the military would struggle to clean up a village where more than half its villagers were affiliated with the Black Vatican, but the thirteen Enforcers had done it with ease.

“The numbers are right. We are done for the night after the Blue Deacon is taken care of,” Mo Fan put the list away and glanced at the walls.

The fight between the Enforcer and Marcus was reaching its end. It was obvious that the Enforcer was winning the fight.

However, Mo Fan quickly noticed some Curse Magic was circling the Deacon’s right arm.

The Blue Deacon was clearly not a Curse Mage. There was only one reason he would be able to wield Curse Magic.

Mo Fan looked into a corner where the moonlight could not reach and found a sneaky figure lurking there, as he expected.

The creature looked like a demon ape at first sight. It was holding onto the ledge of a cliff and moving horizontally across it. Its cunning eyes were staring at the Enforcer, who was focused on the fight. It was waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, just like a spider.

“A Commander-level Dark Beast Monster,” Mo Fan grinned.

It seemed like the Blue Deacon was a standard member of the Black Vatican. Even the Cursed Beast he had raised was a high level one. The Enforcer might have sustained serious injuries from the Cursed Beast’s surprise attack if he was not careful.

The Cursed Beast finally found the perfect opportunity it was waiting for. It scuttled down the cliff and landed behind the Enforcer’s Rock Barrier.

The Enforcer was completely unaware of its presence, busy giving Marcus a final blow.

“Circle of Crystal Teeth: Gravity Bolas!”

Mo Fan reached out his hand and clenched his fist in the Cursed Beast’s direction.

The Shards scattered under the Cursed Beast’s feet gathered rapidly and formed metal balls tied to chains.

The Cursed Beast was about to make its move when chains tied to huge metal balls bound it up. It fell face-down to the ground as soon as it jumped.

The Cursed Beast lost its temper. It tried to shake free of the chains with its powerful back limbs.

Unfortunately, the grip of a Heaven-Inferior Seed was too overwhelming. The Cursed Beast failed to break free from the chains. It would break its joints if it struggled any more.

The Enforcer turned around and snarled when he saw the creature. “Cunning bastard!”

Marcus paled when his scheme failed.

“Rock Fang!” Mo Fan uttered calmly.

A huge Rock Fang punched out of the ground the Cursed Beast was tied to. It was the size of a hill as it went right through the Cursed Beast!

A foul stench lingered in the air as the Cursed Beast’s blood poured onto the ground. It could not be any deader.

Mo Fan had to work a little harder to kill these Cursed Beasts in the past, but it was different now. He just had to wave his hands casually without constructing a Star Constellation to kill a Cursed Beast now!

“Thank you, sir!” The Enforcers were utterly impressed by Mo Fan’s strength.

Even though the Cursed Beast would not be able to kill him, he would have to lay in bed for more than a month if he was bitten by the venomous creature. He might even suffer for years if he could not cleanse away the Curse Magic.

The Enforcer was sincerely grateful and impressed. Mo Fan had to be very familiar with the Black Vatican if he was able to see through their trick so easily!


“It’s nothing, but be more careful next time. They can still bite back at you when they are at their limits,” Mo Fan reminded him.

“I’ll keep it in mind!” the Enforcer nodded.


Mo Fan let Iron Bee take over the interrogation. Marcus had to know a lot of things as a Blue Deacon. It would be best if they could obtain another list with names that were not on the first list.

The truth was that not every disciple of the Black Vatican was a hard nut to crack. Some had only joined the Black Vatican for their own greed. They would not hesitate to surrender to avoid the harsh punishments of the Enforcement Union.

Blue Deacon Marcus turned out to be a weak and cowardly person. He confessed even before he was brought back to the Enforcement Union to be interrogated.

Marcus was mainly in charge of the Aloe Vera Village. Both he and the chief of the Rock Coral Village were Blue Deacons, and responsible for planting the Frenzy Poppies.

Mo Fan happened to be the person who took out the chief of the Rock Coral Village. Blue Deacon Marcus decided to spill the beans and tell them the whole process of planting and refining the Frenzy Poppies after he realized his superiors had indeed abandoned them.

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