Versatile Mage

Chapter 2266 - The Huge Gift from Zhu Meng

Chapter 2266: The Huge Gift from Zhu Meng

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Marcus told the Enforcement Union how he had ended up with the Black Vatican throughout the sleepless night.

It turned out that Marcus used to serve the Red Cardinal in Brazil. He and his subordinates had joined Salan’s faction after she arranged for their boss to be thrown into the Holy Judgment Court’s prison.

The life cycle of the Frenzy Poppies was not long, but Salan was able to spread her influence and expand the plantations quickly. She had taken over the outskirts of the Aorus Sacred Institute within just a couple years.

Not only that, Salan also had branches in every country in South America. Banlo City was only one of them. It was impossible to estimate how many followers she had!

“We thought we could sever Salan’s limbs after putting in so much effort, so that she would lay low for a while, yet our sweep was slower than her rate of expansion.” Mo Fan shook his head helplessly after hearing Marcus’ explanation.

In simpler words, as long as Salan was still around, crooks would keep joining the Black Vatican!

“The fat guy you mentioned. Is he the Evil Herbalist?” Marcus exclaimed in surprise.

The Evil Herbalist was one of Salan’s most important henchmen. Even Marcus had no idea the businessman from the olive grove was the Evil Herbalist. He had thought the guy was just a spy from Greece.

Mo Fan smiled wryly when he saw Marcus’ reaction.

The Black Vatican had done a great job of protecting the Evil Herbalist’s true identity. Even the Blue Deacons were unaware of it!

Salan’s faction was growing rapidly. Destroying a branch would only slow her progress slightly. If they were seriously planning to hurt her, they had to take out the Evil Herbalist, the Chief Extraditor, or the Head Priest!

Mo Fan had a feeling even her disciple Blue Bat was nowhere near as valuable as those three.

It was all giving him a headache. He might have found some clues related to them, but it was very challenging to hunt them down.

The Evil Herbalist had once fallen into their hands, but they’d had no clue he was the Evil Herbalist back then.

As for the Head Priest, they had only stumbled into him coincidentally while they were trying to stop Blue Bat’s conspiracy.

It felt like they were only one step away from catching people, yet Mo Fan knew he was far from taking them down.

“Keep interrogating him. If he can’t tell us anything useful, ask an Enforcer with the Curse Element to dump his soul into a furnace in Hell,” Mo Fan said.

“Got it,” the Enforcer nodded.

Marcus’ face was twitching, but the things he knew were very limited since he was only a Blue Deacon under the Evil Herbalist. He quickly recalled every detail that might be helpful to the Enforcement Union.

If he truly believed in Salan’s promise of paradise, he would also believe in the torments of the Curse Element. It was a true torture from Hell!


Mo Fan yawned as he walked out of the interrogation room.

The Aorus Sacred Institute had given the Chinese Enforcement Union their full cooperation. They had even set up a secluded spot for the Enforcement Union to work from.

After all, the school had come very close to being overrun by the Hillmen of the Andes Mountains. The school knew how severe the situation had been.

Mo Fan was starving. It was already morning.

He had not eaten for the whole night, but he did not enjoy the food provided by the Aorus Sacred Institute, except for the fruit.

A helicopter was flying along the sandy white beach toward the Aorus Sacred Institute through the first light of dawn. The sand was blowing into the air like white veils beneath the helicopter.

The Aorus Sacred Institute had a lot of rich students. It was normal to see private jets landing on the beach, let alone helicopters.

A few men in suits came out of the helicopter. Mo Fan did not place any attention on them until his phone rang.

It was Zhu Meng!

“Hello, Mo Fan, I’ve landed.”

“Look behind you, you will see a man shining brightly in a light brown jacket on the street.”

Zhu Meng looked behind him and did see a man in a light brown jacket. He looked as tired as a young man coming out of an Internet cafe after staying up all night playing games. He failed to notice anything shiny about him.

“Come, I’m bringing you somewhere,” Zhu Meng said.

“I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

“I have takeaway meals on the helicopter.”


Were the Councilmen so poor nowadays?

Shouldn’t he have a bottle of 1982 Lafite and a serving of Argentina’s best steak?

Mo Fan followed Zhu Meng into the helicopter. To his surprise, the helicopter stopped using its propellers after rising into the sky, switching to the jet engines on its stern instead.

Its speed multiplied instantly. It was Mo Fan’s first time taking a ride in a plane like this. It felt like he was in a fighter jet.

Unfortunately, the complementary takeout meal was quite ordinary.

The plane flew across a few cities. It even had an invisibility cloak which evaded the eyes of the demon creatures when it was in their territories.

That being said, the plane also bore a powerful Aura, so weaker demon creatures would not dare to attack it.

Mo Fan had no clue where Zhu Meng was bringing him. He desperately needed a rest.

They passed another huge city. Mo Fan noticed the city was on the other side of the Andes Mountains. It was located toward the end in the east, where the tropical rainforests were.

“Why did you bring me here?” Mo Fan asked.

“I have some properties in the Americas. One of them is a company working with the local government to mine the Lightning Pentagons. It happens to be in charge of the Lightning Pentagon mine which has been a hot topic in the Andes Federation, so I have some great stuff related to the Lightning Element!” Zhu Meng smiled.

“Old Meng, that’s corruption!” Mo Fan swore excitedly.

“Our homeland has always worked with countries in South America like Peru, Chile, and Brazil, on projects which frequently end up in shambles. Someone threw a company which had almost gone bankrupt to me. I had to invest my own funds in it. I also got approval from our government. It’s my own foreign asset. How is it corruption?” Zhu Meng asked, raising his brows.

“I never knew you were good at managing businesses too!” Mo Fan defended himself.

“I know nothing about managing businesses. My niece is doing most of the job. She graduated with a Ph.D. in Magical Geology from Harvard. She decided to gift me something to thank me for supporting her financially when she was a student!” Zhu Meng smiled when he mentioned his niece. He was very proud of her achievements.

“Why did you bring me here, then? Are you trying to arrange for your niece to marry me? Please, I already have two wives,” Mo Fan grumbled.

“If that traitor Golden Canary had done something worse and posed a threat to our homeland, I would be in jail right now. You have helped me eliminate a huge threat, so I must thank you. You are also a Lightning Mage too, so I think this gift suits you more,” Zhu Meng said.

Zhu Meng might have sounded sincere, yet it was obvious that he was still reluctant to give the gift away, judging from his expression.

“Are you sure about this?” Mo Fan pretended like he was hesitant to accept the gift, yet he immediately continued before Zhu Meng could respond, “But seeing how sincere you are, I would be disrespectful if I don’t accept it.”

Zhu Meng nodded in tears.

Since when was he being sincere?

If he had not made such a huge mistake, he would never give this thing to Mo Fan! It was something that every Lightning Mage dreamed of gaining!

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