You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 1026 - Qiao Lian Is Pregnant (11)

Chapter 1026: Qiao Lian Is Pregnant (11)

On the other end, at the Lot publicity advertisement’s filming location.

Qiao Lian, after being made up and dressed, brought the pretty Xiao Qiao to life.

Setting his wig in place, Shen Liangchuan too became Zhou Yu.

Besides an additional take for the previous scene, in which the two characters met in the garden, the other scene they had to shoot today was on the street. In this scene, the characters had a chance encounter on a bridge.

The water below this bridge in Hengdian wasn’t terribly deep.

Because the scene did not require anyone jumping, they had not set up any wires.

Shen Liangchuan and Qiao Lian were standing next to each other as they listened to the director’s instructions. “… Later on, Ms. Qiao, you’ll walk in this direction on the bridge. Mr. Shen, you will walk in the other direction. I’ll arrange for a few extras to be walking on the bridge as well. And the two of you will run into each other. Here, we need to take a slow shot, so take your time and walk slowly. I’ll be adding music here.”

Shen Liangchuan and Qiao Lian nodded. This segment was actually super easy.

They each went to their own end of the bridge and then when the director exclaimed “action,” Qiao Lian slowly walked onto the bridge.

Because this was an advertisement, most of the extras’ faces would be blurred during editing. Hence there weren’t any extras among the crew, but they would instead get some of the other casters and presenters to make guest appearances.

Everyone found this fun and was willing to play along.

But most importantly, who would even complain about supporting Best Actor Shen’s scene?

Qiao Lian got on the bridge and then looked at the scenery around.

After this, she continued walking.

At this point, Water Incense and Qiao Yiyi, in their commoners’ costumes, walked onto the bridge arm-in-arm, like girls did when they strolled along the streets.

A step at a time, they approached Qiao Lian.

On the opposite end, Shen Liangchuan also got onto the bridge.

When he and Qiao Lian were about five meters from each other, they halted and looked at each other.

Qiao Lian’s face lit up with a happy expression.

Making an effort to put herself in Xiao Qiao’s shoes, she did not notice that there were some sudden movements behind her.

Qiao Yiyi had lost her footing and rammed aggressively into Water Incense. The latter, in turn, knocked against one of the extras.

Following this, the extra fell on Qiao Lian.

And now!!!

Qiao Lian was standing on the side of the bridge and her eyes were fixed on Shen Liangchuan.

If the extra fell on her, for sure it would push her in that direction and towards the side of the bridge.

And when this happened, even if she didn’t fall over the bridge and into the water below, she would hit the guard rail at the side of the bridge.

The moment Qiao Lian became conscious of the situation next to her, she froze. She wanted to react, but it was too late!

Her only reflex was to extend her hands around her belly to protect it.

Just as she thought that she was about to get into a mess, someone grabbed her and drew her away. Then she tumbled forward and fell hard into Shen Liangchuan’s embrace.

At the same time, the extra behind her was pushed against the guard rail of the bridge and fell right into the water.

“Hurry up, rescue her!”

The director was yelling.

Qiao Lian was wide-eyed in shock and stared straight ahead.

If Shen Liangchuan hadn’t grabbed her and protected her, she would have been the one on the water.

In this cold weather, the water surface would certainly be around freezing point and her child..

She turned pale immediately at this very thought.

In the meantime Shen Liangchuan, who had been closely observing her, picked her up in his arms heroically with one swift motion and walked out of the set, asking her, “Xiao Qiao, how are you feeling? Don’t be afraid, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

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