You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 1357 - Nianyao and Mo Xicheng (30)

Chapter 1357: Nianyao and Mo Xicheng (30)

Chen Junjie had shot to fame as a young idol because he had acted in a melodramatic idol movie.

When he was approached for this minor supporting role, the TV series he had acted in had not yet been released. Hence, this had been mostly a result of the bond he had with his company.

Later on, the TV series happened to be released at an opportune time when there were no competing series being aired. Hence by fluke, this idol drama had caught on and become popular.

Because of this, he had suddenly become the hottest young male idol of the time.

Given this, having him go back to a minor support role would have been a waste of talent.

However, even if this was the case, he still did not have what it would have taken to be the male lead of a huge production like Ambition.

On the contrary, although Mo Xicheng had never made it big, he had undeniably withstood the test of time and held his position in show business. On top of this, he was a high-skilled actor. Hence in terms of seniority and experience in the industry, he was far ahead of Chen Junjie.

So how could it be possible that Mo Xicheng had stolen Chen Junjie’s role?

Shi Nianyao frowned. As protective as she was of her male idol, she said aloud to the two ladies in front, “Hey, will the two of you mind your words? It’s fine if you like Chen Junjie, but do you have to criticize my idol? Everyone has their own idols that they follow with reason and logic. There are other people in the cinema, and I’m sure there are plenty of Mo Xicheng’s fans. You—”

Before she could finish, one of the ladies had gotten onto her feet and retorted loudly, “I find your remark interesting. What has our private conversation got to do with you? Oh, I know, you must be a fan of Mo Xicheng! But I’d like to ask everyone here if they know who Mo Xicheng is? I think most of us here are Chen Junjie’s fans.”

Usually, those who attended movie premieres were loyal fans.

At once, someone sitting near Shi Nianyao spoke up, “I’m Idol Mo’s fan! What’s your problem with Idol Mo? Is it a crime to be low-profile? Someone with a low-profile can’t take a male lead role?”

Shi Nianyao immediately looked at the person who had spoken up and saw that it was a lady about her own age. She had a round face, short hair, and a pair of extremely lively eyes.

When Chen Junjie’s fan heard this, she smirked and said, “These days, filming’s all about seniority and experience! Chen Junjie is a hot celebrity, so it’s not surprising that he would get a supporting role next to Best Actor Shen. But what makes Mo Xicheng deserve this? Chen Junjie has got tens of millions of fans on Weibo, but what about your Mo Xicheng? He’s a second-rate actor with a few million fans. Doesn’t it say something when you’ve been in show business for so many years and never got popular? Huh…”

The girl with the round face shook in anger upon hearing these words. She said, “Stop saying that. Idol Mo will become really popular, it’s just a matter of time! What gives you the right to look down on him?!”

“Tsk tsk.” The other lady looked back at her mockingly and said, “Just a matter of time. How many years have you fans been saying this? But what’s the reality? A male actor who has not made it big after seven or eight years in the industry says alot about his lack of talent! No matter how hard he works or whatever sexual favors he gives, he’ll only be a second-rate celebrity at best.”

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