Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 1212 - Mu Mu Is Already Dead

Chapter 1212: Mu Mu Is Already Dead

North Duke had lost all power and suffered a huge blow. His complexion was bad but that didn’t hide his craftiness and greediness. He was still as vile and repulsive as ever.

As his lower body couldn’t move, he could only stretch his hands out, attempting to snatch the oxygen mask over from Feng Lingxue. “Give it to me! If I die, you’ll never know where Mu Mu is!”

“Oh,” Feng Lingxue replied, “Here.”

She handed the oxygen mask over.

North Duke was thrilled, but when he was about to take it from Feng Lingxue, she suddenly retracted.

With a thud, he lost his balance and the North Duke collapsed on the ground.

It hurt all over. “Y-You defiant child! I’m your biological father!”

Feng Lingxue took a step backward, giving North Duke a cold-eyed stare as he lay on the ground pathetically. “You weren’t concerned about me at all, you don’t deserve to be a father at all, let alone my father!”


“You hurt my daughter and separated us forcibly. You’re my enemy!”


Feng Lingxue raised the corners of her lips, straightening her back. “From now on, no one can ever hurt Mu Mu and I. I’ll protect myself and Mu Mu. We’ll go to a place where no one knows us and start afresh, everything will become better!”

North Duke felt breathless, he didn’t want to die just like this, he wanted to live on. “Give it to me, quick!”

Feng Lingxue stretched her arm out of the window, with the oxygen mask hanging outside. “I’m going to count to three, if I don’t get Mu Mu’s whereabouts, you… don’t need to exist in this world anymore.”

North Duke was furious, he convulsed in agitation. How dare she!



When she was about to count to three, North Duke suddenly spoke up, “Hold on! I’ll let you know of Mu Mu’s whereabouts!”

Feng Lingxue’s eyes lit up with joy. Great, she was finally going to find out where Mu Mu was.

Mu Mu.

Her Mu Mu.

“Tell me now, where is Mu Mu?”

Noticing Feng Lingxue’s desperation, North Duke revealed an eerie smile. “Mu Mu is… already dead…”

Mu Mu… is already dead…

His words seared into Feng Lingxue’s mind, her pupils contracted furiously. She looked at North Duke, aghast. “No, you’re spouting nonsense!”

“Lingxue, Mu Mu wasn’t being obedient after I got my men to kidnap her. She would cry for her mommy every single day and not eat. My two underlings taking care of her got really annoyed and pulled her hair, pressing her head into a huge bucket of water. But that underling went too far and by the time they pulled Mu Mu out, Mu Mu had already….lost her breath.

“Lingxue, don’t you remember? Oh, I almost forgot. After Mu Mu died, I took you to identify the dead body. You went crazy then, the doctor diagnosed your mental illness! I locked you in a dark house. You held a pillow in your arms, calling it Mu Mu. The neighbors around all knew that a crazy woman lived inside.

“When I went to look for you in the house that day and told you that your Brother Ying appeared, you suddenly recovered your sanity, just like that. But you forgot that Mu Mu was already dead and was delusional, you believed that she was still alive and asked me over and over again about her whereabouts. Haha, you were ridiculous.

“Feng Lingxue, you’ve become insane since a long time ago. You’re a madwoman, the doctor told me that it was all because you couldn’t let things go. You’re merely being delusional, you have an issue and you’re a lunatic. You’ve been living in your hallucinations!”

Was it truly like that?

Was it truly like how he had described?

No, he had to be lying. Feng Lingxue’s pupils contracted, becoming soulless. She started pulling her own hair.

A scene flashed past in her mind. A tiny body lay on the cold ground, a ragged white cloth covering over it. She couldn’t see the face of the body, but she could see the wet hair, a layer of ice over it and dirt.

It was winter, a cold winter.

It was so cold she trembled, her teeth shuddering.

It was as though a knife had been stabbed right through her heart, twisting the knife around and it really hurt.


She wanted to scream loudly, wanted to just shout out loud but she couldn’t make any sound at all, no sound came out. Without any way to express her pain and agony, she convulsed. So she was a lunatic, a madwoman.

Mu Mu had already died.

But she had forgotten about it.

She was living in her own hallucinations, in that world, there was Mu Mu and also… her Brother Ying.

So it didn’t really exist.

None of it.

She was really ludicrous.

Really ridiculous.

She wanted to struggle and resist this ill-fated destiny at first, she wanted to take Mu Mu with her and leave this place and start afresh, she wanted to live a happy life with Mu Mu.

But it was all… a dream.

Now that the dream was over, it was time for her to wake up.

Feng Lingxue’s eyes felt really dry, she could feel some tears welling inside, it was burning hot and so painful that she couldn’t open her eyes, but she simply couldn’t cry.

Not even one drop of tear came out. With robotic movements, she tried to leave the place.

But North Duke grabbed onto her. “Return me the oxygen mask! Return it to me!”

Feng Lingxue paused, lowering her eyes to look at North Duke. It was lifeless, there was absolutely no reaction in her pupils.

Extending the oxygen mask outside the window, she just let it go.

Crash! The oxygen mask fell downwards.

Stunned, North Duke climbed on the ground as though he had gone crazy. “My oxygen mask! My oxygen mask!”

But his words fell on numb ears as Feng Lingxue stretched her legs, leaving the hospital ward.

The late autumn night felt unusually cold, the wind blew around on people’s faces like knives. Feng Lingxue walked alone along the streets, she was dazed and lifeless.

She had no idea where she was supposed to go.

Mu Mu was no longer alive.

Her only motivation in life was gone.

Clutching at her chest, she dug hard, wanting to dig her heart out. This way, she wouldn’t feel any pain at all.

She wasn’t a good mommy.

She shouldn’t have given birth to Mu Mu.

She had no capabilities to do so, she couldn’t even protect herself, what made her think she had the right to give birth to Mu Mu?

Mu Mu hadn’t experienced a good life being her daughter. Because of her, Mu Mu had an ill-fated destiny.

Feng Lingxue slowly stopped, holding her own face as she muttered, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Mu Mu… Mommy is wrong, it’s all Mommy’s fault…”

What else could she do for Mu Mu?

Only one thing…

All she had left was to go and join Mu Mu.

Mu Mu loved Mommy so much, she wanted to be with Mommy so badly. She hadn’t realized any of Mu Mu’s wishes when Mu Mu was alive, but now, she wouldn’t be separated from Mu Mu anymore…

The corners of Feng Lingxue’s raised and her lips formed a radiant smile. Stretching her legs out, she walked towards the busy road…

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