Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 905 - The Story of Ling and Heng (168)

Chapter 905: The Story of Ling and Heng (168)

Feng Ling shook his head. “I’m fine. I just have an upset stomach.”

Qiao Fei looked at her carefully, who seemed to be concealing something, so he asked in a low voice, “Are you… on your period?”

Feng Ling took a look at him.

He seemed to know a lot about women.

Although she didn’t want to talk about her privacy, she still nodded. “But it’s okay. I can train normally.”

Now the sniper team had intensive training every day. Although it was cold, the training couldn’t be easily suspended. After all, some big shots of the United Nations and the U.S. military were coming soon to investigate the situation of the sniper team.

“Can you hold on?”


“Ok, today we’ll just practice shooting. Don’t do too much physical training.”

Since Feng Ling insisted not delaying training, Qiao Fei could only give up and let her continue, but he would hand her a cup of hot water in breaks.

At noon they went to the canteen. Auntie Jie Li would only work in the canteen at noon and evening.

Feng Ling wanted to thank her for what happened last night, but she was told that Auntie Jie Li suddenly resigned last night and left the base overnight.


Was it because of her?

Did Auntie Jie Li leave the base to conceal the secret of her? She was an honest person and didn’t want to reveal her secret to cause herself any trouble, so she just resigned and left?

Auntie Jie Li had been doing well at the base. If she hadn’t accidentally found her secret, she wouldn’t have left…

Thinking about this matter, Ling Ling lost her appetite. While everyone else was still eating, she got up and went out to call Auntie Jie Li.

But she couldn’t get through.

Feng Ling went back to the canteen to ask other staff members, but they all said they didn’t know why she suddenly resigned.

They said that Auntie Jie Li packed up and left last night without leaving any word. She seemed to be very calm and didn’t look like she had been bullied or wronged.

This matter was like a big stone in Feng Ling’s heart. She had been absentminded during training in the afternoon and didn’t sleep well at night.

When she got up the next day, her belly did not hurt as much as it did yesterday, but there was still dull pain, and she was easy to get tired these days.

When she went to morning training, Qiao Fei just let them do simple warm-ups and practice shooting and didn’t let them do intensive physical training.

During the break, Qiao Fei, like yesterday, handed her a glass of water. “You looked terrible and didn’t seem to be in a good mood yesterday afternoon. If you have any problem, just tell me. I’ll try my best to help you. Don’t keep it to yourself.”

Feng Ling took the water. “It’s okay. Auntie Jie li in the canteen, suddenly resigned, and I won’t be able to eat what she made in the future.”

Qiao Fei laughed and rubbed at her head. “You don’t look like a foodie. I don’t remember you are picky about food. Why are you so upset because a cook left?”

Feng Ling paused but didn’t push his hand away. She just took a look at him and didn’t say anything.

Li Nanheng, who came back from a small task, happened to see this scene when he walked by.

He was wearing a white shirt, black trousers, and a black combat uniform jacket. Although he didn’t wear a suit, he looked so handsome in these clothes.

When Li Nanheng saw that Feng Ling sat on the bench, holding a cup of water and letting Qiao Fei rub her head, a cold gleam flashed through his eyes. After returning to the base, he was about to go back to his room and take off the shirt and trousers that he always hated to wear, but now there was something more important.

He walked straight into the training camp.


K and the other members greeted him and were ignored by him as always. They laughed and didn’t take it seriously. Anyway, the boss was the boss.

Hearing the voices, Qiao Fei turned back and saw the man coming over. Seeing Li Nanheng walking up to Feng Ling, he couldn’t help but move sideways ad shielded Feng Ling behind him, saying, “Boss, have you finished that small case? The members are doing well in training these days. Now they are very proficient in using guns. I think they can pass the inspection.”

When Li Nanheng saw Qiao Fei shield Feng Ling behind like her protector, his face turned dark.

He took off the jacket and put it on his arms. In the weather of only three or four degrees, he only wore a white shirt. Then he pulled open the collar of his shirt, and his eyes were chilly.

Although Qiao Fei blocked her sight, Feng Ling could feel the temperature seemed to suddenly be a few degrees lower.

She clenched the glass in her hand, but her belly was not quite comfortable. She didn’t want to provoke him. Now she just wanted to ask Qiao Fei to go away.

“Is it so cold that you have to sit on the training ground drinking hot water?” Li Nanheng was looking at Qiao Fei, but he was speaking to the person behind him.

Before Feng Ling explained, Qiao Fei said, “Boss, the temperature has dropped these days. And there is going to be an important inspection soon. They can’t get sick, so I put the insulation pot here so that they can drink something hot.”

“Really? Then why aren’t other people drinking hot water?” Li Nanheng glanced at the steam above Feng Ling’s cup and looked coldly at the cups in other people’s hands.

But soon he remembered that she was on her period. That was why she had to drink hot these days.

The ice in the man’s eyes melted slightly, but he still frowned when he saw Qiao Fei shielding her.

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