Zombie Sister Strategy

Chapter 1370 - Tail Him out of Huaxia Base

Chapter 1370: Tail Him out of Huaxia Base

Lin Qiao quietly watched the man collect the pages on his desk and then put the proposal and drawings into a cabinet. After that, he stood up and walked out of the office. She followed behind him, as it seemed that the man was going to talk to Professor Bai. Soon, she found him heading out of Huaxia Base.

Wasn’t Professor Bai’s secret lab located in Huaxia Base?

The direction that Si Kongchen was going in soon gave her the answer.

She spent about an hour following behind Si Kongchen’s car. At last, she saw him drive into a strange area, a forest.

She could find the destination without Si Kongchen’s lead once she entered the forest, because she sensed the scents of many human beings. A large group of people was hiding in the forest.

Following those people’s scents, Lin Qiao swiftly darted through the trees, moving toward where those people were located. Before long, she found large numbers of modified powerful machine guns in the forest before her.

She slowed down and looked around at those weapons: there were a lot of them. Those weapons could kill a level four or five mutated beast immediately.

After spending a short while observing the area, Lin Qiao moved further in. Soon, she found some even more powerful weapons covering the area more thickly than the previous area. Among those weapons, advanced radars had been scanning the area over and over again.

Standing in front of her was a metal building, looking like a small factory.

Lin Qiao walked to the entrance of the building and looked around, only to find the building being guarded by quite some armed soldiers.

At that moment, Si Kongchen drove into the area. Instead of parking outside, he drove straight in. Lin Qiao saw the gate open automatically to let him in, so she took the opportunity and flashed in as well. Behind the gate was an empty space, about four-hundred meters squared. Apart from the thick metal walls and the ceiling and the machine guns on the wall, there was nothing in there.

Si Kongchen parked by the side and then got out of the car. The two soldiers behind the gate pressed a button on a control panel. After that, an entrance leading to the underground part of the building showed up in the middle of the space.

Lin Qiao watched Si Kongchen and his men walk down as she silently followed behind them.

Walking down the stairs, Lin Qiao saw the true face of the secret lab. The underground part of the building was divided into different zones for different experiments, and a lot of people in lab suits were working around. Based on the large numbers of signs by the entrance of the underground area, she could guess how large the lab was. The place was actually a huge experimental base not just for weapons.

Lin Qiao carefully read the names on those signs and then followed Si Kongchen into the lab. She would like to see what kind of a man Professor Bai was.

Someone showed up to guide Si Kongchen to Professor Bai’s place once he entered the lab. Professor Bai wasn’t in his office this time; he was doing an experiment in an experimental zone.

After a few minutes of walking, the group of people arrived in the experimental zone. They walked into the door to find a series of small labs in rows. Those small labs were built with tempered glass, so people could see the things within clearly.

The first thing Lin Qiao saw after she sneaked in was a strange creature in a small lab. She had never seen that kind of creature before. It looked like an underground creature. She curiously walked to the lab and gave a closer look before moving to the next lab. In the second lab was a different underground creature.

Next, she turned to find another row of small labs behind her. The creatures in those labs weren’t from the underground. Instead, they were zombies.

She quickly observed those experimental subjects and then turned to keep following behind Si Kongchen. He walked to a lab that seemed a little different from the others and stood behind the door, waiting. Meanwhile, he quietly watched the people in the lab doing their work.

Lin Qiao moved closer to the lab and looked inside. She found the lab to be about two-hundred meters squared in area, with over ten people busy working inside. A tall, sturdy, gray-haired man was carefully looking at the numbers showing on all sorts of devices in the lab.

A researcher near the door noticed Si Kongchen, so he stopped working and quietly walked to Professor Bai, whispering a few words to him. On hearing what the man said, the old man didn’t make any reaction. Instead, he stayed motionless with his eyes fixed on those devices.

The researcher didn’t linger by the old man’s side after informing the old man about Si Kongchen’s presence. Instead, he quickly returned to his position to keep doing his job.

Lin Qiao spent quite a while staring at the old man, whose face didn’t ring any bells. Apparently, she didn’t know the old man, nor had ever heard about him before.

She turned and looked at Si Kongchen. Earlier in Huaxia Base, the man wore a scornful face when he talked about Professor Bai. But at this moment, he didn’t seem to have the guts to disturb Professor Bai. Lin Qiao wondered what the other had that made Si Kongchen stay humble in front of him.

As neither Si Konchen nor Professor Bai was making a move, Lin Qiao started observing the surrounding environment and collecting all sorts of information. Surrounding Professor Bai’s lab were rows of smaller labs built with tempered glasses. Each lab had an experimental subject locked inside. Lin Qiao wondered what kind of experiments Professor Bai had been doing on those creatures.

Si Kongchen spent about three minutes quietly standing outside the lab. After that, Professor Bai finally turned around and walked out while taking off his gloves. He glanced at Si Kongchen and then walked out of the lab. Only after that did he say to the latter, “What’s it about?”

While speaking, he walked further outside.

Si Kongchen followed by his side as he said, “Our people in Sea City Base are ready. I think it’s time for us to take the first step. If we wait longer, most of the underground creatures that managed to upgrade might start to attack human bases. At the moment, all bases will be busy dealing with those underground creatures, including Sea City Base. We now have a great chance to win by dealing them a surprise strike.”

Professor Bai, who was walking forward, turned and gave him a glance. After that, he responded while walking, “What’s the rush? Those underground creatures have upgraded, but the effect of the drug won’t be showing up so soon.”

On hearing that, Si Kongchen couldn’t help but wear a look of confusion. “Eh? Didn’t you say that as soon as they start to upgrade on the earth’s surface, their bodies will start to change?”

Professor Bai gave him another glance and said, “Yes, I said that, but I didn’t tell you how long it’ll take for their bodies to start changing after the upgrading, did I? It’s gonna be a process. We need some more time.”

An impatient look flashed across Si Kongchen’s eyes as he heard Professor Bai’s words. “How much longer do we need?” he asked.

“About half a month,” said Professor Bai.

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